Thursday, February 18, 2010

outside the church

many of the older kids would eat outside the
church so the really young ones could eat inside.
also, a lot of kids would take their meals home.
i'm sure many had to share with the rest of
their family.

back in the U.S.

here are some final pics from S.A. It was tough to leave there
is much need there. anxious to get non-profit status and get
back to Kayamandi, but it's going to take a few months...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

local facilities

the above picture is a local kindergarten where the woman
gets paid about $150- per month to take care of 6 kids. they
have no books and, i have never seen any toys, but she
says she has a few.
the church, to the left, it is about 20'x30' no lights, no
electricity, no running water, just walls and dirt. the older
kids eat outside because there is not enough room for them

thousands of new homes

every single shanty in this area (where we have been
feeding the kids) has been built in the past 3 years. they
are all built illegally so the government does not recognize
them and therefore they are left out of the government
assistance programs.


Every person in the area gets their water from a faucet
in the area. then, they take it home on their heads and use
it for cooking, cleaning, washing, and everything else we use
water for. when they are done, they dump it out. it, along with
trash collects in these low areas. i assume they are cleaned
out when it rains but it hasn't rained since i've been here...

mom spent all the money on the sweater....

but at least he's warm up top!

Friday, February 5, 2010

This Week...

Well, we fed over 500 kids this week and they
were all happy kids with full bellies! Anna (a
documentary filmmaker) came in on Monday,
with some help from her friend Tamer, and
they got some great footage! thanks!

More pics to come soon...

Monday is the last day. I'm going to buy extra
food and try to feed 300 kids bringing us up
to about 1,300 kids and giving temporary jobs
to 4 single moms who were extremely grateful
for the work.

Special thanks to sissy and
for the donations! they loved the shoes and the
shirts! and, a quick shout out to the p's, without
them, this would not have been possible!