Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Loaded up on the Lamb!!!

Today, we went to a local farm and loaded up on slaughtered
lamb. I had 10 lamb heads, 40 lamb legs, a bunch of guts, and
some fat. And I loaded it all in my small rental car (hope none
of the juice got in the car!) They were all slaughtered today
and loaded into a truck and trailer which were completely
packed. Probably over 100 lambs in a regular size truck
with a small trailer. There were about 15 other black people
there waiting for the meat as well. All of the good cuts go to
the white people of South Africa. But this is good for two
reasons. First of all, black people in South Africa are used to
getting this type of meat and they have come to prefer it.
Secondly, it is very cheap. We spent $75- on over 100 pounds
of lamb. Yesterday, we did the same thing with a cow. It is
not pretty, but the children really love meat and this is the
most cost effective way to do it.

Driving around the township is crazy as well. Two children
walked right in front of me today without even looking. I
drive really slow because so many people are oblivious of
cars. If I were driving 25, I would have hit at least one of
the children. There are very few cars so they have grown
accustomed to walking where they want, when they want.
Adults and children alike.

Another odd cultural custom is the men and boys who relieve
themselves whenever and wherever they please. The people
live for the here and now and do not think about the
consequences of their actions. I drove by a 6 year old boy
today who had it out and was going right in the middle of the
street. These children are simply mimicking their elders...
These impulsive actions are what I believe to be the main
reasons why the HIV/AIDS rate and birth rates are so high.

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